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        SHANGHAI XIONGSHUN PACKING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a comprehesive company conducted to produce.explore and sale packing equipment prefessionally.
        It established in 2000 through many years quest and practice based on the advanced techniques of Taiwan and European and depend on science and technology progress to accerlate the steps on production and technique so as to make the quality of more than 60 specieses in over 10 serieses reach to the advanced level in the domestic and international sphere of the same kind product.Along with the high-quality product and allocating the perfect and thoughtful service to make product popular and welcomed for the whole country .Morever, the market of the product is spread as far as to Asia, Africa and the Europe and America area, and be favored by domestic and international customers with the sole " outstanding quality, reasonable price".
        Facing the fierce competition of market , the company persists the business enterprise reform deeply to adapt to the oriention of market economy development,arming with the essence of" high quantity and talented person are capital, prestige is life", it increseas the quantity of continuously exaltation product and develops new product. We believe faithfully:" Profession,cordiality, pragtimate, innovation" is a previous reward for our customers that we can the do. Be in the light of this kind of spirit, the agreeable company of male keeps pace with each passing day to develop forward steadedly,standed in the competitive market with its strength.
        The production of our company( factory):The ink jet printer, automatic loading turntable machine, automatic tablet counter, automatic paper plugger machine, automatic rotary chuck capper machine, induction sealing machine, ground bottle labeling machine, powder/liquid/pillow/tablet machines,blister packing machine, auto-plastic bottle-sealing machine for oxal -closing medicine, automatic packing cartons production lines, sticky labeling machine, multifunction automatic medicine experimentation machine, automatic transporting machine, automatic paper folding machine, sealing machine,vacuum machine, automatic coding machine,automatic pallets stretch wrapping machine, automatic strapping machine,automatic liquid filling machine, carton sealing machine, heat L-Type sealer machine, all kinds of copper words, steel words, golds words, rubber words products.
        SHANGHAI XIONGSHUN PACKING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. will improve and develop our produtions day by day. And always provide the product of the superior quality and comfortable service toward large amount of customers. Our company welcomes the public friends come to visit our company and talk about the business or hang the related information.

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